Jade Harcourt - Western Australia;

This herbalist is a hidden gem. I have being using herbs for a few years now. It has helped me become a healthier person. I had struggled  in the past with many issues and symptoms. These herbs are tailored to my needs have made ALL the difference. I had an issue while I was on the Pill and had tried coming off it but there were many side affects which were very unpleasant and debilitating. So I went back on the Pill. After meeting Caitlin and being treated with the recommended herbs I felt comfortable stopping the pill again. I know taking the Pill should not be a lifelong prescribed drug and I should allow my own body to produce my hormones naturally. I did finally come off the Pill under Caitlin's care with no side effects apart from some sleep issue for which I am being treated currently. I felt happier and healthier being off the Pill.  Many Thanks Caitlin.

Jon - Western Australia

After dealing with a unknown condition for a few years which gives me chronic nerve pain, I found Catlin through a family member.

Catlin started to heal and balance me through regularly updated selective herbs, chi gong instruction and in-depth diet recommendations. This  makes me feel more energised, complete and capable as time passes to take back my old life or create a new ways of doing things.

Emilie - Western Australia

Caitlin has helped me with a wide range of health issues - anxiety, acne,  urinary tract infections and PMS.

She's interested in my holistic health- we talk about what is going on in my life as well as  signs and symptoms I'm experiencing. She is extremely easy to talk to and knowledgable on a wide range of health topics.

I have been seeing her for 3-4 years and she has become a trusted friend in my life. I love seeing what she will mix up for me each time I visit.

Jessica - Western Australia

After my son turned one I still didn't feel myself despite seeing a naturopath for the last 10 years, so I decided to try a different approach and sought help from Caitlin - The Western Herbalist. 

2.5 years on I am so happy to have found her. I like that every time my family and I see her, we are getting a tonic that is specific to our body needs, whatever they may be. My children call her the 'white witch' mixing up their healthy magic potions.

I love Caitlin's perceptiveness and gentle nature, as it allows you to be open and vulnerable, enabling Caitlin to understand the underlying source of problem. In addition to providing the tonic, Caitlin also guides you on better ways to eat. This has be instrumental in moving my family towards better gut health and better health overall.

The Western Herbalist also has a variety of tonics, balms, teas and soaps. 

I would highly recommend Caitlin's services to anyone interested in a natural path to health.

Sarah - Perth

I approached Caitlin after reading about using herbs to move an ovarian cyst.. I was instantly drawn to her calm knowledgability and gentle passion. Caitlin has a holistic approach to natural healing and wellness which include strategies and supporting optimal digestion, physical and emotional techniques, in conjunction with herbs for long term wellness. Before working on moving the cyst with herbs, Caitlin worked with me to support and calm my overactive nervous system after the birth of my daughter. The result was I started to feel like me again...better sleep, better digestion, better Mum, happier me! Caitlin has lived, researched and lovingly believes in all she gives. She has equipped me with tools and knowledge to fully develop and stay committed to myself. I feel grateful to have Caitlin and her herbs in my life!