Diet / Food Combining

The concept of thermal nature of foods is crucial in balancing ones health. Thermal nature refers to temperature of a food and the possible effect it can have on the body. For example if we have a hot curry full of chilli’s we perspire and feel internally hot.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) prescribes cooling foods in summer, such as cucumbers, sprouts and salads full of mint.

Compared to eating cold or raw foods in winter which will weaken digestion as cold foods cause the stomach to contract.

In this light try to limit iced drinks and ice cream which cause the stomach to slow in function. The stomach being most important as it is the first point of digestion. Balance this organ and the digestive tract will follow.

Winter is all about keeping the middle of the body warm with slow cooked soups, stews and warming drinks. Include Fennel, Dill, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Coriander, and black pepper.

Try to reduce stimulants such as coffee and black tea year round as they cause the vital organs (especially liver and kidneys) as well as the nervous system to react.

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