About us

All you need for health is provided for by the earth. Grown in the right conditions, plants, trees, roots, berries, nuts and seeds will provide your body with what it needs nutritionally.

Given the right environment, your body is made to thrive. The key is to work out the best conditions and that’s what we do. We will assess what organs need assistance and provide you with lifestyle and dietary guidelines to aid this process. Added to that you will be prescribed a herbal tonic for your needs which will be altered as you change.

See our page about our process to understand why this tonic is the best option for you.

As part of this process you can choose to engage another aspect and take a chi king class. There are various levels on offer and something for everyone, wether you choose to exercise body, mind or spirit.

We provide an alternative to modern medicine which only treats the symptom, not the cause. The only way to create a positive change is address the cause. We live in an age where people are questioning and seeking alternative ways. Why take a pill that comes with unnecessary and unpleasant side effects? Have you questioned why you take a pill to regulate your period instead of adjusting your body or how you treat it? Every day we see anecdotal evidence of the change herbs can create. Why does someone on blood sugar medications find no change from a pill, yet we treat their body to accommodate better to stress and see an improvement? Why does someone who has cancer and been given 3-6 months to live, yet 18 months later they breeze through the clinic doors pain free and healthy?

Your voice commands your mind, body and spirit, so have a chat to yourself about your health and make the choice to be healthy.